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Jason “The DESTROYER” Stoyer has been a driving force in Freestyle Jet-skiing for the last 10 years, winning both Amateur and Pro National Titles.  The first time Jason stepped on a Jet-ski, he knew he had a talent and passion for performing for people with this new found interest. 


Having a background in event performance and production he began to look at Freestyle Jet-skiing as a way to take these past experiences of performing for people and turn it into his career.  Training hard as an amateur competitor he became a known face on the regional tour in the southern states and Florida. 


Then in 2002 with the right sponsors and support “theDESTROYER” decided to make the change to full time riding and training.  In 2003 he won his National Amateur title and turned professional. In the next few years as a Professional, Jason was at EVERY competition in the regional, national and world championships.  Always ranking in the top of the field, and showing support of the sport by announcing and working events.


In 2008 he returned to the “right” sponsorship that helped him win his Amateur National Title: X Scream, in Clearwater, Florida.  Now with this proper combination, “theDESTROYER” rides harder then ever and has claimed his Pro National Title! He has remained the top ranked U.S. Competitor for the last three years. Jason Stoyer is the most passionate performer on the water in Freestyle Jet-Skiing. Combining a need to perform for people with raw talent on a Jet-Ski, he captivates the crowds every time he hits the water.





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